Seven Best-Paying Employers in IT outside Silicon Valley

The region of San Francisco is home to the biggest tech community in the world. The Santa Clara Valley plays host to so many tech giants that no one even remembers its original name anymore. Silicon Valley is the new name given to this massive utopia of tech.

It is a hub for innovation and a dream destination for every tech professional and enthusiast. Want to check out Amazon’s first fully-automated store? You’ll have to go to Silicon Valley.

But that’s not all. Over the years, Silicon Valley has solidified itself as one of the leading places when it comes to high-paying jobs. But what the glittering gold doesn’t prepare you is the sky-high cost of living. For example, the average rent for a one-bedroom home in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, is $3,270.

There is a whole world outside of Silicon Valley that nurtures the tech industry. We have compiled a list of employers who reside outside of Silicon Valley but pay well. Many IT companies have offices in the valley as well, so, we’ll list the ones not headquartered in Silicon Valley. Otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to list major tech companies.


Founded in 2001, Guidewire is a Foster City, California-based software tech company specializing in core back-end software for property and casualty insurance. It has a clientele of more than 300 in 30 countries that use its software platform for insurance products, sales and underwriting, customer service, and claims management.

It has received numerous positive reviews from employees. You can expect to earn $113,864 per year for the position of Software Engineer. Guidewire is not technically a part of Silicon Valley but is considered one due to its proximity to the valley.

Visa Inc.

The well-known credit card company is another firm based in Foster City, California. As we mentioned, Visa Inc. has millions of customers worldwide who utilize the facilitation of electronic fund transfers. According to PayScale, the average base salary at Visa starts at $108,000.


San Francisco, California, is home to Twitter headquarters; just outside Silicon Valley. This company needs no introduction. As you are reading this article, you will probably see an icon somewhere to share it via Twitter. The platform is one of the leading social media forces on the internet; its unique business model has paved the way for unexpected success in a time when Facebook is leading all social media popularity charts.

Employees working at Twitter enjoy numerous benefits including recreational activities that keep the work casual and fun. The average base salary at Twitter is $161,860.

Walmart eCommerce

Best known for its chain of retail outlets across the United States, Walmart is a retail behemoth who also has a robust e-commerce platform. Engineers handle the e-commerce side, enjoying good salaries and several other perks. Walmart eCommerce operates out of Bentonville, Arkansas.

The average base salary at Walmart eCommerce is $96,000.

F5 Networks

F5 Networks is an American-based company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, that specializes in Application Delivery Networking (ADN). Their solutions help businesses deal with the security, availability, and performance of their applications and servers.
Its wide range of solutions has established the company as one of the leading players in the data center and cloud space.

The average base salary at F5 Networks is $126,948, according to data gathered from 372 employees.


For non-tech professionals, this may come off as an unfamiliar name. But SAP has been in the IT space for decades now. It specializes in enterprise software to enable businesses to achieve their operational goals, such as sales, accounting, human resource, and more. SAP is the most popular vendor for Entire Resource Planning (ERP) software.

SAP has a workforce of 80,000 people. The average base salary for a software engineer is reportedly $92,929 per year.


Microsoft, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, is the most popular software company on the planet. The company is primarily known for its Windows operating system that powers billions of computers around the world.

Working at Microsoft is a dream come true for software developers and network engineers. In addition to numerous perks employees enjoy on behalf of the company, senior-level employees, such as Director of Engineering earns about $196,677 a year or $346,247 in total compensation.

So, there you have it. Our list of the seven big tech companies that you can consider as your next employer. Perhaps the best thing is that they reside outside of Silicon Valley. So, you can enjoy high salaries while keeping the cost of living relatively low.


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