Best gifts for your IT friend

It’s the holidays. Which, for some, evokes feelings of dread. First, you have to create a list of people to shop for; then, you have to figure out what to get them. We might not be able to give advice on what to give to your grandma that has everything, but we do have a few tips to help you get the perfect gift for your tech-loving friend, cousin or coworker.

Best Gifts for Your IT Friend

This person keeps you going for most of the year. You share jokes with them and spend more time with them than you do at home. They always have the newest tech products and might even work in the IT field. If you’re lucky, they even troubleshoot your computer or TV. That’s why you want to show them you appreciate them. Yet, at the same time, you can’t spend a fortune, because you have so many other gifts left to get. That’s where the Syma Pocket Drone comes in. This little beauty is only $26 and fits right into the palm of your hand. It comes with a ton of features in a handheld controller for simple and fun activities.

What if this person has no interest in drones? If they are an Apple person on the go, they’ll  know how their laptop charger is like a brick that just sticks out of the wall with no shame. Well, this new creation from Ten One Design called the Blockhead allows the  charger to lay flat against the wall. It’s such a clever idea, we won’t fault you if you decide to get a second one for yourself. It is the holidays, after all.

Best Gifts for Your Tech-Loving Family Member

We all have that family member who loves reading about new technology and always has the latest phone. What they may still be missing is the ability to stream YouTube, Netflix or Hulu from that fancy device—an easy task with Google Chromecast. This device connects to your TV and wifi to let you stream whatever you want, from YouTube to Netflix. In an increasingly cable-free world, this device is a great way to upgrade a TV that doesn’t have smart features. Your favorite geek will even be able to use their TV as a second screen for their laptop.

What if they have a smart TV, or a casting device just isn’t their style? This year, car safety became an important topic, with broadly adopted hands-free laws. Yet, many people don’t have a Bluetooth-compatible car. Show your family member that you care about their safety by giving them an MPow Bluetooth Receiver. This device connects to their car with an audio jack and allows them to stream music and phone calls without touching their phone. At $15.99 for the black version and $17.99 for the red and blue versions, you can get something affordable in their favorite color that shows them you care.

Best Gift for Your Tech-Loving Coworker

In today’s world, music is everywhere and style is everything. Is your best friend also your “hipster IT coworker friend”? Many might just get a gift card for a coworker, but you want to get something more personal that you know they’ll love. This gift has got it all: it’s funny and clever, shows you appreciate and understand them, is old-fashioned yet re-imagined. To boot, it’s great for a budget, making it the perfect coworker gift. What is it? It’s the JLab Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones. These classically designed, noise-canceling headphones continue to deliver the best that headphones can offer at a great price.  

Getting gifts for the IT lovers in your life can be complicated. Hopefully, with this gift guide, you have a few gift ideas—or at least the inspiration to come up with your own gift ideas—for the beloved geeks in your life.

Happy Holidays, from us at Job Simpler to you.


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