5 tips to help to choose between similar job offers

You have gone through the stages of the hiring process. Got through the application phase, nailed the interview, and now you find yourself with not just one, but several job offers! Congrats, but how do you make sure to choose the best position for you? Only you can determine the best choice but we have compiled some great ways to help you decide.

Company Reputation

If you haven’t already, research the companies you have offers from. Are they stable? You want to make sure you are joining a profitable company so that you have the ability to earn raises and promotions. If a company bonus is part of your offer and it is based on company performance, this will directly affect your compensation.

Check out news stories related to the company. Are the recent articles you find positive or negative? You can’t predict what will happen after you join, but you can avoid joining a company with a ton of bad press.

Another aspect is how you will feel when you tell people you work at the company. If you will feel a sense of pride telling people who employs you, that is a great sign!

Company Culture

You spend a vast majority of your day at work, so you want to make sure you are joining a company you will enjoy working for. In your interviews, what was the vibe you got from the people you met with? Do you think you would enjoy working with them? Do their personalities jive with yours? This is probably most important with your direct manager. Did they seem easy to talk to? Will you be able to meet their expectations?

Work life balance is another area of consideration in the culture. Will the company expect you to work twelve hour days or are they more laid back? Do you have the opportunity to work from home if you need it and the option to work a flexible schedule? There is no right answer, it all depends on what you want in this area.

Job Path

Depending on the stage of your career, you want to consider if there is room for advancement or if this position is your ceiling. If you are looking for a company that gives you the ability to move to other departments to gain skills and move up, you will need to think about which company gives you the best chance to do that.

Joining a company with a job that you won’t be able to grow from isn’t an automatic reason not to accept, but it is something you should feel comfortable with. If this company will help you reach your goal, then it can still be the right move.


Think about the locations of each of the offers. If they are in different cities, is there one that appeals to you more? Cost of living is another factor to consider, it can be much more expensive to live in a large city. On the other hand, if you want to have plenty to do a bigger city with a higher cost of living may be worth it to you.

If the offers are in the same city, think about the area of town they are in. Think about the commute and how long it would take to get to work every day. That is time taken out of your day that you aren’t getting paid for.


Compare the benefits for both companies to see how they stack up. Things to consider are the cost of health and dental insurance. Vacation days, sick days, company discounts, retirement and holidays are benefits you should look into. I once moved companies without paying attention to the cost of insurance. I ended up paying about four times the amount for similar coverage! Learn from my mistake and make sure you understand exactly what each company’s benefits will be.

Ultimately you will need to decide which company will be the best fit for you. After you think about all the above points, list out all the comparing features to easily analyze the different aspects. Then pay attention to how you are feeling.

Even though one company may look better on paper, you need to feel comfortable with your decision. If you are leaning towards one company listen to your gut! No matter which company you choose, it will be the right decision for you at this time.

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