5 most bizarre workplace rules

The working environment can be tough. Still, some organizations have seen fit to institute a few somewhat controversial work rules to make their employees’ lives even … funnier. Here’s a bunch of examples of creative management at its finest.

#1 Amazing Amazon

Everyone knows Amazon treats their storehouses very seriously. Maintaining their famous timely deliveries requires lots of logistics, and rules of course. To prevent any delays to the process and damage to the items stored, the lists of rules in the storehouses are pretty long. For instance, employees can drink only water from clear bottles, so the guardians can verify what’s inside. Wearing lipstick, chewing gum, wearing a watch, having a smartphone – it’s all forbidden.

#2 Don’t use printer because … microwave

One Reddit user shared the following safety rule regarding using a microwave and printer at the same time: “If the microwave and printer run at the same time it trips a breaker that only property management can reset. So, whenever anyone microwaves something they have to yell ‘MICROWAVE!’ so nobody uses the printer at the same time.” – bromley2

#3 Visitor book

One company decided it needed to keep better track of visitors. But their main concern was not about outside visitors. It was about employees visiting the toilet. They were asked to fill out a special “guest book” to document each visit.

Still, less creative than asking women workers to wear a red bracelet during menstruation to justify more frequent trips to the toilet, which was the case in another company.

But hey, it’s the 21st century! Why not use electronics to make sure that employees are not leaving their desks too frequently? Actually, someone thought of that as well. In one Norwegian call center, after 8 minutes of absence from desk, a flashing light went off. Party hard!

#4 Disneyland’s magic

Running a Disney-style party requires top-notch organization and a handful of strict rules. Workplace rules that Disneyland workers need to obey are rigorous, for sure. Ekhm, sorry, Disneyland has no “workers”; in fact, Disneyland hires “cast members”. The characters are cast members, janitors are cast members, the cleaning staff are … yes, you got it already. “No matter what your role is, you’re always on stage.” If you have any tattoos, they can’t be visible, eyeglasses must be simple, no extra jewelry allowed (but no worries, you can wear one ring per hand and if you’re a girl, one earring in the lowest part of each ear lobe), beards have to be tidy, no longer than ¼ of an inch though, and nails trimmed. And don’t point at something with one finger only – there are cultures where this is rude. Use at least two fingers or even better, the whole hand. The show must go on.

#5 Death at a crematorium

Even if the place is full of dead bodies, it’s not a reason not to have a bit of fun. But sometimes pranks can get out of control. That is why one crematorium has a rule: “No hiding in the cremation containers (caskets).” One of the workers explains: “Basically it was done to scare people by hiding in a casket and jumping out to give them a fright. These antics came to a screeching halt when a coworker had a heart attack from the scare.”

Hopefully, the examples above made you appreciate your employer a bit more. If you do have your own examples of rules that could be listed in this article, maybe it’s time to look for a new job…

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